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The Etiquette Factory on Live at Five in Knoxville, TN
  The Etiquette Factory, the world leader in etiquette education, offers exclusive etiquette camps, training and services all over the world.

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The Etiquette Factory Exclusive Programs

Our Exclusive Manners Program Includes:

  • Fun Games & Kind Discussions about Proper Etiquette
  • Quick pace & Energetic Learning Styles
  • Emphasis on Helping Others to feel Valued
  • Take Home Highlights so Parents Know exactly what was Taught
  • Lots of Laughter!!
  • Guarantee of Improved Behavior & Good Manners

"I just purchased the intermediate and we just started! My son has only had one lesson;however he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was short and to the point. the activity reinforced the lesson. I love this program and I'm so glad I found it. It's affordable and geared to special needs and autistic children without being too immature. My son needs help, but he is still sensitive and doesn't want to be treated like a baby. This was just right. I would love to see videos or some type of visual aides that were for older kids that were affordable. "
~ Jennifer, mom of son with autism
" I purchased the kit for younger kids just last week and my 3- and 4-year old already have the songs memorized! My son asked me to take him to meet Mary Manners so he could play ring-around-the-rosy with her and take a tour of the etiquette factory! He is constantly noticing "bad manners" in others now (so amazing!). My daughter has been teaching my husband how to not be a "jungle daddy" (a character we made up to mimic the week #1 lesson), and once she teaches daddy how to have good manners then she gets to take him out for ice cream. We're having a blast with our Etiquette Factory lessons! Thanks again!   "
~ Traci from Greenwood, IN
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