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Professional Services

Renowned National Speaker, Monica Irvine, is every company's solution for motivating, inspiring and moving employees to action.
  • Can integrity, character, work ethic, professionalism and initiative be learned as adults? Yes!
  • Is it too late to change the cultural of our business? No!
  • Can we change the way our employees view themselves, each other and our company to foster greater purpose and enthusiasm about our services, our products & our objective? Yes!
  • Will refining our employees social & professional skills improve our companies’ overall performance and success level? Absolutely YES!!!!!
  • Do we want our company, our employees, our product & services to STAND OUT as the best in the business? Then call or email today. Don’t wait. (865) 719-7302
Call or email today to schedule. Workshops are priced according to number in attendance. Discounts available on multiple sessions.

Professional Seminars Include:

Professionalism, the Key to Our Success (2 hour Workshop)
Highly recommended for All Companies, regardless of size
Interviewing Etiquette, the "Shock & Awe" Approach (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for anyone planning on Interviewing for Employment or Job Advancement
Sexual Harassment, What I Need to Know (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for All companies
Dining Etiquette for Professionals (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for all Professionals
Finer Points of Service (1 1/2 hour Workshop for Restaurant Staff)
Recommended for ALL restaurant staff for Full service & Partial Service establishments
Customer Service...It's All In the Details (one hour workshop)
Including Being a Gentleman, Being a Lady, Treating our Customers as Valued Guest, Professional Telephone Protocol, Email -- Cellphone & Social Media Etiquette
Recommended for all professionals who deal in customer service
Teaching my Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop (one hour parenting workshop)
Recommended for parents with children from birth to 12 years of age
Etiquette for Teens--Come and Listen, if You Dare! (a one hour workshop for Teens)
(Recommended for Teens ages 12-18 years of age)

Parenting Workshops

Raising our Boys to be True Gentlemen, Who Live with Honor (Crowd favorite!)
Parents, I know you want to raise sons who live with honor, but our society continues to strip away opportunities for our children to do honorable things. Here's the great news... you can make sure that you are creating opportunities for your children to practice living with honor, but it requires parenting with purpose.
What happens when our sons learn to live with honor? They:
  • Grow in self confidence and self worth
  • They have many more doors of opportunity opened to them
  • They build healthier and happier relationships
  • They set the foundation of becoming devoted fathers and husbands
Come and listen to master motivator Monica Irvine, inspire your family with lots of ideas of how to teach your sons the skills of honor through small simple acts of generosity. It truly can change their lives and yours as well. You don't want to miss this!
Raising Confident, Generous & Compassionate Ladies requires Skills...
Come and Learn How to Give Your Daughters what is Becoming a Rare
Commodity... Honor (crowd favorite)
Imagine what it feels like to watch your daughter continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of her life, because she knows she has endless potential and a great responsibility. She matures with a desire to be a voice for good and a contributor to making our world a better place. She seems fearless, yet uses great wisdom. She is courageous, yet humble. She is KIND.

You watch her as she exercises true empathy for those in need and although she holds herself to high standards, she never places herself above others. She has been taught by example of what a true lady is and she looks forward to one day being that example for her family. She is truly a lady.

Parents, this Master Class will help you understand how to create the example your daughter needs to become this lady. You don't want to miss this.
Discipline with Love so We Don't Break Our Child's Spirit
I know you have felt the pain of regret when you have had a moment of failure when discipling your children. I know many of you are fighting against habits you learned from your parents that you swore you would never do. I know you want to parent with love, honor and respect, but sometimes, you don't.

Parents, did you know that it is God's perfect plan that his imperfect children raise his imperfect children? He knew you and I would not be perfect parents. He knew we would get it wrong on some days. However, still, he knew that the best people to raise your children was YOU! It is! It's you.

Listen to Master Motivator, Monica Irvine, share some invaluable insights in parenting with greater love, greater understanding and greater self control. Mrs Irvine will help you to understand the difference in disciplining to stop or start behavior and disciplining to change your child's heart. It makes ALL the difference. If you want a loving happy healthy relationship with your adult children, you must start creating that relationship today. Don't miss this!
Schedules...helping Our Children to be Happy
Imagine your children waking up with an alarm clock, making their bed, completing their morning hygiene duties, saying their morning personal prayers, completing their morning chores without any verbal reminders from you? Imagine your family having the time for family devotion, family projects, family fun time, one-on-one time with your children, date night for you and your spouse, daily quiet time and chore time.

Imagine reducing your errands by 50%! How much time would that give you to do other things? Parents, these things are possible and possible without unreasonable efforts. They are possible when you place your family on a schedule and take advantage of the gift of routines. Don't miss this amazing Parenting Master Class by Master Motivator, Monica Irvine. Don't miss this!
Creating a Family Plan for Courtship/Dating that is safe, fun and most of all, purposeful.
Parents, first...relax! Let's remember that with God, all things are possible and let's also remember, FEAR does not come from God. With that said, it's time to get excited and look forward to the years that your children will begin the process of choosing their spouse.

Imagine your children being committed to keeping themselves pure and chaste so that they can enter marriage without regrets and with great anticipation for intimacy designed between a husband and his wife. Imagine you and your children being able to openly discuss specific plans, real temptations, hopes and dreams with honesty and without inhibition. Parents, you can have this with your children, but creating a very specific family plan is essential. When do you start teaching your children the plan? As soon as they can talk and throughout their life.

Listen to Master Motivator, Monica Irvine, as she walks you through principles and specific plans to create purpose and success. It is essential that you and your teens are completely united on the long term goal of remaining virtuous. Don't miss this!
How do I Stop Worrying About my Kids so I Can Have Peace?
Parents, there literally is a process and a plan to help us stop worrying so much so that we can live with peace and hope despite our current circumstances and even despite our children's current choices. I promise there is. Come and listen, as I teach you what I learned years ago that has helped me so much. No, it's not going to stop all the worrying, but it will reduce your worry and give you tools that allow you to take action steps so that you can feel peace. Don't miss this. It truly will help.
Table Manner's Essentials for the Whole Family-It Matters!
Let's imagine...your children: chewing with their mouths closed, not making weird noises at the table, never announcing what they don't like at the table, sitting still and respectful while eating, showing sincere gratitude each and every time they are served a meal, allowing their elders to go first, never forgetting to ask if they can help clean up afterwards, etc. Is this a dream? Is this possible? YES OF COURSE!

It's all in how you teach and approach table manners. This Parenting Master Class by Master Motivator, Monica Irvine, will teach you the pattern of teaching your family how to have impeccable table manners and how to make it fun and doable. Parents, this is not rocket science, however, if you think that your children are going to "get it" by just constant correction, then allow me to ask, "How's that working for you?" Don't miss this!
The Power of Parental Authority
So, I don't want to offend, but parents, we are seeing entirely too many families where the children seem to be leading the family instead of mom and dad leading the family. Do you have children that tell you, "No?" Do you have children that you spend hours trying to convince them to do something you've asked? Do you find yourself giving in to your child's request even though deep down, you don't really want to? Don't beat yourself up. We've all been guilty of this at one time or another, however it's time to stop. We're not helping our children when this behavior is common in our home, instead we're actually hurting them. Come and listen to motivational speaker, Monica Irvine, as she helps unravel this tendency and give great insight on how we can regain our parental authority. It truly can change the direction of your child's life. Don't miss this!
How Are Imperfect and Flawed Parents, Supposed to Raise Valiant Children?
Parents, we are imperfect. We are flawed. We don't always do or say the right thing. We don't always react to our children like we should. We don't always make good parenting decisions. So how is this supposed to work? How are our children going to be successful, happy and productive if the people teaching them and raising them often don't know what to do or how to do it? If you worry that you aren't enough or that you've already made so many mistakes that you're not sure it's not too late, then come and listen to motivational speaker Monica Irvine give you peace and hope. There's only one person who wants you to feel inadequate, helpless and overwhelmed and it's not God.

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