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Etiquette Professional Services

Renowned National Speaker, Monica Irvine, is every companies solution for motivating, inspiring and moving employees to action.


  • Can integrity, character, work ethic, professionalism and initiative be learned as adults? Yes!
  • Is it too late to change the cultural of our business? No!
  • Can we change the way our employees view themselves, each other and our company to foster greater purpose and enthusiasm about our services, our products & our objective? Yes!
  • Will refining our employees social & professional skills improve our companies’ overall performance and success level? Absolutely YES!!!!!
  • Do we want our company, our employees, our product & services to STAND OUT as the best in the business? Then call or email today. Don’t wait. 855.588.6266

The Etiquette Factory offers 8 Professional Workshops. You may choose one or all. Call or email today to schedule. Workshops are priced according to number in attendance. Discounts available on multiple sessions.

Etiquette Professional Workshops include:

Professionalism, the Key to Our Success (2 hour Workshop)
Highly recommended for All Companies, regardless of size
Interviewing Etiquette, the "Shock & Awe" Approach (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for anyone planning on Interviewing for Employment or Job Advancement
Sexual Harassment, What I Need to Know (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for All companies
Dining Etiquette for Professionals (one hour Workshop)
Recommended for all Professionals
Finer Points of Service (1 1/2 hour Workshop for Restaurant Staff)
Recommended for ALL restaurant staff for Full service & Partial Service establishments
Customer Service...It's All In the Details (one hour workshop)
Including Being a Gentleman, Being a Lady, Treating our Customers as Valued Guest, Professional Telephone Protocol, Email -- Cellphone & Social Media Etiquette
Recommended for all professionals who deal in customer service
Teaching my Children Etiquette, the How, What & Why Workshop (one hour parenting workshop)
Recommended for parents with children from birth to 12 years of age
Etiquette for Teens--Come and Listen, if You Dare! (a one hour workshop for Teens)
(Recommended for Teens ages 12-18 years of age)

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